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((I love how pissed I look holding on to that rock. Did someone touch my rock!? We talked about this no one touches this rock but meeee!!!

Holy goats though Thauma this is awesome! Big congratulations on 4000 followers!!))

+2222 Follower Giveaway for awesome-sonic-rainbow​! (Cute OC!)


+2222 Follower Giveaway for awesome-sonic-rainbow​! (Cute OC!)

"Sleep peacefully."
+2222 Follower Giveaway for askroninapplejack!

"Sleep peacefully."

+2222 Follower Giveaway for askroninapplejack!

At 4 Banans, why are… Wait! Ah shoot, did you mean Banana!? Mah bad.” ((Sorry, not sorry askbananapie)). 

"Normally ah ain’t susceptible to ANON MAGIC or POOFs, So consider this ah one time deal…"

Upcoming Break!

Hey y’all!

The school year is starting up again! And while I have been in my program since the spring, Fall is where my courses start up proper. So I am going to preemptively say I am taking 2 weeks off starting the week of September 1st, while I adapt to my new routines.

If I adapt quick, I might come back early, but I want to give myself plenty of time (as this is a rough program I’m in and I want to make sure I’m on top of everything).

That said, I’d love to have some GUEST ARTISTS on again! If you are interested in answering some dusty asks (or you have a post in mind for Earthbound AJ already) then send me a message! You have until next Saturday (August 29th) to message me and arrange something with me! Artists of all talent levels are encouraged, but I am looking for drawn posts only!

"So long, purplesmart!" ((Sorry asktwiceratops, sometimes something is just so cute you have to kick it!))

Play along at home and choose your own final caption! 

1) “Though ah might have to make an exception…”

2) “Urge to kill… rising…”

3) “Mrrgrgr…”

4) “Nope, not gettin’ old yet. Not gettin’ old at all…”

5) “Something vaguely murderous, followed by ellipsis!

REBLOG and LIKE for the chance to win a GIVEAWAY like some of my coolest fans! (You must be following me to be eligible, of course). This final giveaway will be determined on August 23rd - one week from now! 

Anyone who has won something needs to check out my giveaway guidelines!

I need awesome-sonic-rainbow​, askroninapplejack​ & ask-thaumaturge-pony​ to contact me back to tell me what they’d like!

If you want to see examples of giveaways from the past, just check out my giveaways tag!

EDIT: The contest is over and was won by ask-bounty-hunter-aj!

Something wicked this way comes! (Quick format change for next week listed under the break!)
Back to best pone!
That tree is supposed to be colossal. Perspective is a cruel mistress. Hopefully this looks alright! A modified version of this page is now my mobile-view banner too (I was getting sick of generic purple diamond pattern). 
I am going to take a quick “break” from the story this following week to go and do some out-of-storyline ask responses! It’s been a little while since I have just answered random asks and it’d be nice to do so for a week - maybe two. So you’ll get more posts than usual this next little while (assuming I get them all done), but no storyline posts. Take that as you will!
I will probably even do an ask-sunnyside post as well; I have kind of wanted to since I updated the blog and I am pretty overdue in updating that :D

Something wicked this way comes! (Quick format change for next week listed under the break!)

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